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Rapper. Sports Fanatic. Retired Athlete.
Jedi Padawan.
Lord of Winterfell and Protector of the Realm.

Allow me to reintroduce myself...

My name is Khari and I love to create. Whether it's writing rhymes, designing clothes, or penning a review of whatever show I'm currently watching, the freedom to create dope shit is all I've ever wanted. 


I want to be the (old) Kanye West of advertising. A phrase which here means, I want to turn the industry on its head and create a new lane for others to follow by creating undeniable, culture-shifting work. Now, my ego pales in comparison to Mr. West's, but I believe in myself, my abilities, and the power of the industry we're in. Advertising and marketing hold a lot of influence over people, and that platform shouldn't be taken for granted. I want to create things that the world will love, or at least won't pay an extra $5 a month to avoid. I've got big dreams and a lot of potential and I'm ready to put it to use.


Maybe I'm crazy? Name one genius who isn't.

Check out my resume below!

Khari Pressley

Writer | Designer | Creative


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