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GoT S7E2 'Stormborn' RECAP

Yoooo, okay so that was pretty crazy. In the words of Kanye West, “it was all good just a week ago” and now seemingly everything in Dany’s camp has gone to shit. What looked like a nice plan drawn up by Dany and Tyrion has led to the decimation of her fleet and the capture of two members of her small council (not to mention whatever the hell Theon did at the end smh). Things aren’t looking too hot for Daenerys Stormborn, meanwhile, Cersei secured a huge victory and seems to be succeeding in rallying the houses of The Reach against the Tyrell’s, most notably Randyll Tarly, father of everyone’s favorite maester in training, Sam. Anyway, this is a recap, so I guess I’ll start at the beginning and give my thoughts on the major things that happened in this heater of an episode.

The Prince/Princess Who was Promised

We start the episode with Dany coming out of left field taking shots at our guy Varys, who is the main reason she’s poised to invade Westeros and take the Iron Throne to begin with. I suppose she was asking questions that needed to be asked, but I was glad Varys was able to handle what she threw at him pretty well without compromising what he stands for. We go from the war room to the throne room where noted groupie Melissandre is standing there waiting to speak with the Breaker of Chains. Here we hear clarification on the Azor Ahai prophecy and confirm what readers and viewers have speculated for years, that the “Prince Who Was Promised” could actually be a Princess due to the gender neutrality of the noun for “prince” in High Valyrian. It was really dope to see Mel and Tyrion hype up the boy Jon Snow to Dany though. It’s crazy that the two “main characters” of this show have never had any interaction whatsoever, and it speaks to the sheer vastness of the story that GRRM has created, but that’s all set to change next week. People get ready.

Sam’s Anatomy

Shoutout to the boy Sam. I must admit, I wasn’t the biggest fan back in his early Night’s Watch days when he was a coward and his teeth were awful, but he’s grown on me as he’s gotten bolder and his dental hygiene has improved. I wish Jorah would just gtfoh, but if he has to live, it’s cool that Sam saves him out of respect for Lord Commander Mormont, Jorah’s father. A cool little easter egg from our time in the Citadel you may have missed: An interesting fan theory is that at the end of the story, it’ll be revealed that Sam is the one who writes “A Song of Ice and Fire” a là Lord of the Rings. When Archmaester Ebrose is telling Sam about the book he’s writing, “A Chronicle of the Wars Following the Death of Robert I” Sam suggest a title that’s “a bit more poetic” Hmmmmmmm.

The Pie Who Was Promised

HOT PIE BYKE! I missed his ol’ butter browning self. My girl Arya pulled up to the Inn at the Crossroads to say what’s up and get a bite to eat on her way to kill Cersei and came up on some key information thanks to our favorite pastry chef. After chugging a pint of the Riverlands’ finest brew, Arya discovers that the Bolton’s no longer control Winterfell and that her “brother” Jon Snow is the King in the North. After hearing that, she really has no choice but to head home and reunite with her favorite sibling. It was a great moment not only for the Hot Pie cameo, but it was good to see a little bit of the old Arya who just wanted to go home rather than the ruthless killer she seemed to be turning into. There’s still some of Westeros’ Sweetheart in there somewhere, and we see that here and in the later scene where she runs into Nymeria.

50 Shades of Grey Worm

I mean, what can you even say..? Missandei looked delicious and my man Grey Worm did what had to be done. This just goes to show you that nothing can stop love. Clap for him.

Interim Queen in the North?

First of all, let me just say that Sansa is making the case for 2nd finest woman on the show this season behind Missandei (talk to me #TeamDany), but shawty really needs to chill out with questioning Jon at these town hall meetings. Let the King, king. Anyways, I fully expect her to do something foolish as soon as Jon hits the road, let’s pray that Littlefinger doesn’t get to her, or that Bran or Arya get back in time to help her out. Will Bran automatically become the Interim King in the North when he returns? He is the rightful heir to Winterfell. Lots of interesting developments going on up there, but I’m pissed that Arya and Jon are gonna miss each other. What a tease.

Nymeria pls

If you have a dog you lowkey just gotta go hug him/her right now. I don’t even like animals like that but this scene put me in my feelings. First, I was scared Nymeria was going to eat Arya, which would have caused my official retirement from GoT, but fortunately it didn’t come to that. It was a bittersweet scene, but it was cool that Arya recognized that it’s not in Nymeria’s nature to be a pet and follow her back up to Winterfell. The Stark direwolves take on the personalities of their owners, and this was a very Arya move by Nymeria. Also can we talk about how big she got? Damn.

Pirates of the Narrow Sea: The Storm’s Silence

FOR ALL OF YOU WHO DOUBTED EURON AND HIS LEATHER ENSEMBLE, WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY NOW? Damn man, Euron really pulled out of nowhere on his ship ‘The Silence’ like it was The Flying Dutchman just as Yara and Ellaria were about to get freaky deeky. This was probably a top 10 episode ending scene in GoT history. It was explosive, exhilarating and had me on the edge of my seat. All the Euron doubters were silenced ;) as he chopped his way through Yara’s men like Paul MF Bunyan with that cool ass axe. We also lost the two more annoying Sand Snakes and the hottest one survived. It’s lit.

Peon Greyjoy


Thanks for reading! See you next week, and remember, What is Hot May Never Pie.

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